Facebook parties are a great way to add monthly sales to your business. Make it a goal to host at least one party per month to start. When you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of throwing parties, add in one to two more parties per month. Before long, you’ll be hosting numerous Facebook parties per month! The reason I advise to start slowly with only one party per month is so that you don’t burn yourself out from the start. As with most anything, it takes time to perfect. Find your groove with throwing parties and before long you’ll be a pro.

And now, a few questions to ask yourself before planning your first party . . .

Q: How long will the party last?

A: There are a few ways to host a Facebook party. You can keep the party open for a period of time such as one week or you can create an online event night in which the party will take place within a span of a few hours. Once you have decided on the duration of the Facebook party, you will need to address the hostess status.

Q: Will you host the party yourself with a mystery hostess or will someone be hosting a party for you?

A: What is a mystery hostess? When a party has a mystery hostess, each guest can earn points by attending the party, inviting a friend, placing an order and/or hosting a party of their own in the future. Those who have earned entries would be eligible to become the mystery hostess. Their names would be added to a numbered list and drawn out of a hat or by using a random generator such as random.org. The winner will receive the hostess rewards from that party. If someone has already agreed to host a party for you, she will earn the hostess rewards.

Q: How do I set up an Event for the Facebook party?

A: When setting up your Facebook party, go to the ‘Events’ icon on the left sidebar of your Facebook account. Create a new event and invite all of your friends. Be sure to attach several photos of your product to your event page. This will entice your guests right away. In your description, write a brief summary about how your Facebook party is going to work and what guests can expect by attending.

Q: Should I host the party in my VIP group, on an ‘Event’ page, or create a hostess group?

A: Each way of hosting a party has its benefits. If you host the party in your VIP group, those who attend the party must join your VIP group in order to participate in the party. If you create an event page to host the party on, you can easily have your guests invite numerous people to the location of the party without the guest having to join a group. If you create a hostess group just for parties, you can easily change admins each time someone new hosts a party. Doing this also keeps your VIP group free and clear of becoming saturated with party posts (which might cause some of your VIP members to leave). It is up to you on how you want to host your party! Try a different way each time you have a new party to see which way works best for you.

Q: How should I conduct the party as a host?

You can still go through the presentation just as you would an in-home party. Share a bit of information about yourself, how you became a merchandiser/consultant for your business and a few interesting facts about your business. Don’t forget to play games! (Look for a future post on game ideas!) Offer incentives throughout the party. Give shout outs to guests who place orders (don’t mention what they bought, simply thank them for ordering).

Q: How should I close the party?

If you had a hostess for your party, share how much the hostess earned in benefits and rewards. This will entice your guests to host a party of their own and earn hostess benefits too. If the party had a Mystery Hostess, announce the winner of the hostess benefits and how much she earned. Don’t forget to send a personal thank you via Facebook message or on their wall. This keeps the line of communication open. It also builds a relationship with that customer.

Do you have any tips or success stories from your own Facebook parties to share? Tell us in the comments below!