I just recently started using Instagram Stories as part of my social media marketing strategy! Did you know that over 200 million people use Instagram Stories? That is even more than Snapchat! If you are not utilizing Stories on Instagram, you are missing out!

You can now create a cover for your Instagram story using Canva.


Below are the top reasons you should be utilizing Instagram Stories….



You are still visible to people that do not follow you.

People that do not follow you can see your posts.  Stories last for 24 hours, however, there is a new feature in which you can highlight certain stories in order for them to be visible at the top of your IG feed.


Add hashtags to your stories.

When someone is searching for a certain hashtag, your Instagram stories using that hashtag will appear at the top of the feed.


Build your community.

Tag other users in your stories. Not only does this build and strengthen relationships, it makes the other party feel valuable and even helps you forge new relationships.


Make your stories feel ‘exclusive’.

If you show people behind the scenes, sneak peeks or something you’re working on, it lends to a sense of exclusivity. People love to feel special. You are also creating a buzz behind your business.


Give stories a personal touch.

Give people a glimpse into the person behind the business. Show your face, show your family, show your favorite things. This helps people relate to you..the person behind the business. People love to buy from someone they feel like they ‘know’.  Stories helps everyone understand more about you.

Also, explaining the passion behind your business and the reason that you love it works wonders!


Engagement brings you to the forefront.

Instagram’s algorithms, like Facebook, are constantly changing. Instagram stories keep you in the front of people’s minds if you are constantly engaging and being seen more often.


Post a story at least 1-2 times per day.

It is recommended to post Instagram stories (posted at least 10-12 hours apart if you post 2 per day), This means that you always have something in people’s feeds during a 24 hour time period.


Download and/or save stories.

Once you have created an Instagram story, you can download stories for use on another social media platform such as Facebook.


You can even hide your stories.

Let’s say you have a lot people or competitors following you and you don’t want to give up your secrets. You might not want certain users to see what you’re working on, your latest marketing strategy, etc. While you are setting up your Instagram stories, you can choose to hide them from certain users.


Do you want to learn how to post to an Instagram Story? Stay tuned for the next blog post where I break down the details on creating a story!