Have you found yourself uttering the following, “My group is dead! What do I do now?” Perhaps your group started out with a boom! You had tons of interaction, quite a few sales and now . . . crickets. Does this sound familiar? A lot of factors contribute to why this might be happening. Facebook is constantly changing their algorithms. This affects what your group members see in their news feeds.

Below are 4 actions you can implement in order to get your group back on track!


Bring Out the Lurkers


Posting engaging content leads to more group interaction. The more you post interactive posts, the more times the content from your group will show up in your group member’s news feeds. For me personally, I have found that doing this helped boost sales. About a week before an album sale in my group, I would schedule 2-3 interactive posts per day. This caused my group to show up more often in the news feed of those who interacted. When it came time for the album sale, these members were there and ready to shop! Give it a try the next time you plan an album or live sale and let me know if this tip helped.

What is a lurker? A lurker is a member of your group that sees your posts but never responds or interacts. If there are lurkers in your group, create ice breaker graphics (such as the ones below) to lure them from their lurker status.



Try your best to like and/or comment on each person’s comment on your interactive posts. This small action truly makes them feel like they matter and makes them proud to be a member of your group! This action builds trust and trust often leads to sales!



Stop Selling, Start Helping


Don’t be a Salesy McSalesman! If your core mission in your group is to only post the products you have for sale, STOP. STOP RIGHT NOW! This is a huge turn off for group members to only see sales posts. This is one of the number one reasons that people will leave your group.

Give them extras! Make them feel proud to be a member of your group. Whether you’re just launching or have been in business for a while, searching for and securing customers is very important in this business. The main goal for your group should be to make each and every member feel like a valued member of your group. The end goal should be to turn those one-time customers into permanent and loyal ones while encouraging them to recommend your services to friends and family.

What extras should you give them?

  • Post styling graphics with tips and tricks on ways to style dresses, leggings, shirts, etc.
  • Help your customers find the prints they are looking for. This is a BIG one! Let’s say you have a loyal group member looking for a certain print in a certain size or style that you don’t have. Shop for them and find it for them! They will remember this kind gesture and keep coming back to you.
  • Add small gifts such as stickers, pencils, etc. when you ship your packages. Kids LOVE receiving extras in their packages and parents will be reminded of this when it comes time to order in the future.


Remember that these extra added touches do not have to be grand or extravagant, the small things you do for your members add up, and in turn, creates those loyal customers!



Be Original & Authentic


Give your group members a glimpse into your REAL life, not just the business side of things. Post random photos of your kids, your husband, your vacations, your food, etc. Share with them your ‘why’. Show them what keeps you going. Show them the REAL you! People are more inclined to buy from a real person vs. someone just going through the motions trying to make sales.

It is also important to ask your group members about their day to day lives and to get to know them as well. Another great way to do this is by using interactive posts. Feel free to use these phrases to create interactive post graphics:

  • What does an ideal weekend look like to you?
  • Using one word, tell us what you are doing today
  • Create a funny saying using your initials
  • Change the vowels in your name to ‘oodle’
  • Share what your job is using emojis
  • Share a silly selfie



Research, Research, Research


Your group’s analytics tool will be your best friend. On the left hand side of your group, you will see a link that says ‘Group Insights’.

By clicking on this, you will be taken to the dashboard of your group’s analytics tool. From there, you can download a spreadsheet that shows detailed information on your group’s growth, engagement and members.

Using the information gathered in your analytics will help you:

  • Learn the peak times to post to get the best member interaction
  • Learn how to create future posts by learning which type of previous posts had the most interaction
  • Learn the best way to target your members by discovering their gender, age range, location, etc.


Begin implementing these 4 actions and see if you notice a change! Leave a comment below and let me know what you did and how it helped!